GHC is a Christ-centered church that exists to make a global impact, fueled by the captivating gospel that transforms lives, families, communities, and nations.


Meeting people where they are to become a community we get to love, a church we get to grow with, in a covenant we get to belong to.

1. Christ-Centered Living
We get to follow Jesus.

Centered around His love and forgiveness, we are committed to follow the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus.

2. Biblically-Based Teaching
We get to know God's Word.

We joyfully submit and proclaim the Bible as God’s absolute truth. It is our guide for everyday life, for local church governance, and ultimately the foundation of our faith.

3. Church Membership Matters
We get to belong.

Becoming a covenant member clarifies responsibilities and expectations for everyone. It allows the entire church to share doctrinal guidelines and serves as a way to be known as we all grow towards holiness.

4. Spirit-Led Worship
We get to worship.

Worshiping God is our primary ministry. We believe Jesus is God in human flesh and is the Savior of humanity through His death and resurrection, therefore, we infuse His saving work in our songs and sermons.

5. Grace-Filled Community
We get to grow together.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, our Groups ministry meets you where you are with friendships centered on accountability in pursuit of drawing nearer to Jesus.

6. Counter-Culturally Focused
We get to be different.

We exemplify the love of Christ by being distinct and faithful in our workplace, across the street, and everywhere else we go.

7. Global-Mission Driven
We get to love the world.

We want everyone to meet Jesus. We desire to send missionaries, partner with missionaries, and be missionaries.

8. Gospel-Focused Families
We get to love our families.

We value families at every stage. We love and invest in marriages, parents, kids, and students.

9. Saved to Serve
We get to serve.

Saved people serve people. The church is strengthened when everyone serves together. We encourage everyone to be involved and find a place to use their gifts.

10. Called to Give
We get to give.

Biblical stewardship defines our obedience and practice of what has been entrusted to us. We are a church that gives much because much has been given to us.

What We Believe