Welcome to NXT GEN ministries! Our mission is to partner with parents in raising disciples of Christ who impact the world for God’s glory.

GHC NXT GEN ministers to families with children ages 1 to 18. Raising a family centered on the gospel is a difficult yet powerful call that God bestows upon parents. Here at NXT GEN, we minister to both children and their parents, providing helpful resources and activities for the whole family to grow in discipleship. It is a great joy to see GHC children take on their own faith and live out the gospel through the grace of Christ!

Our NXT GEN Ministry is organized into the following age/grade groups. Click on the ministry links below for more information.

  1. Nursery & Preschool (Age 1-Kindergarten)

  2. Kids (Kindergarten-5th Grade)

  3. Youth (6th-12th Grade)

Please note that Sunday School programs are only offered on Sundays during the 9:30 AM service time.

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What can we as GHC families do to get over the COVID-BLUES?

  1. Stay Connected! Visit the GHC COVID UPDATES PAGE to find all of the latest church information regarding coronavirus precautions and updates.
  2. Listen and Encourage! Ask your kids, young ones, youth to share their feelings about this time.  Reassure them that they are safe and loved and to hope in Christ.
  3. Pray! Let us pray together as a family at least three times a week, MWF, at 8:00PM. Pray specifically for your family, friends, Home Group, church, and the world.
  4. Family Discipleship! After MWF prayer, spend a few additional meetings studying God's Word together.  Parents, it doesn't need to be a perfect bible study or worship, just do the best you can to strive for prayer and God's Word!