Our pathway to spiritual formation consists of a combination of one-to-many, one-to-few, one-to-one, and small group strategies.

  1. Corporate Worship (Sunday Service, Prayer Meetings)

  2. Groups Ministry (Home Groups, Harvest Groups, Health Groups)

  3. Accountability & Discipleship (Who’s Your One?)

The backbone of the church is the gospel message preached from the pulpit, i.e. the Word of God, Psalm 119. The Word of God proclaimed must precede everything else.

From the preaching and teaching of the Bible comes forth the vision, the motivation, the transformation, the direction, and the spiritual stability of the church. His Word is absolute, it is final and it is our ultimate authority. Each of the adult ministry strategies above will always be founded on and ultimately held accountable to the Word of God.



At GHC, we believe in gathering together for the proclamation of the Word, for corporate worship and prayer, and for celebrating baptism and the Lord’s Supper together in our Sunday meetings. But we also highly encourage involvement in Home Groups. This is because Home Groups are a great place for fostering deeper relationships and growth in our Christian lives.

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While Home Groups serve as a vehicle for GHC members and those on the pathway towards membership to grow in faith and gospel community, what about those who are curious about the Christian faith but are not quite there?

The term is “seeker”. Seekers are people who may have grown up in the church but left for various reasons. Seekers are people who might even consider themselves agnostic or spiritual, but not believers in Christ. Ultimately, seekers are those who do not have a personal, saving-relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior yet, but are being drawn by His Spirit into faith. At GHC, we have a designated ministry for these folks called Harvest Group.

**Harvest Groups are in the process of being launched at GHC at this time. For more information contact us at .**


Health Groups is a ministry that has many names you may be familiar with- compassion ministry, mercy ministry, care ministry, recovery ministry, etc. Ultimately, the goal of our Health Group ministry is to serve and care for those struggling with various difficulties in their lives.

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  • Young Adults Worship Night - An evening filled with worship, a message, food, fellowship, and games. This is a great way for our young adults, including non-married individuals, to connect with one another.
  • Sports Fellowship - From basketball to volleyball, football to golf, cycling to softball, and even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we have many passionate members who love to fellowship through athletics and healthy lifestyles, with a focus on honoring Christ with our bodies. It's common to see GHC put sports teams together in local church competitions!
  • Men and Women’s Accountability - Men and women will partner with one or more members from their own Home Groups for accountability, discipleship, and prayer. Holding one another accountable in their walk with the Lord, their obedience to scripture, their missional living, and much more.
  • Bible Studies - Studies ranging from: How to Study the Bible, Church History, Missions, NT and OT Survey, Christ and Culture, Marriage/Singleness, Christian Doctrine, Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology, and more. Learn more.
  • Conferences and Retreats - Family Retreats, Men and Women retreats, TGC (The Gospel Coalition) Women’s and Men’s conferences, T4G (Together 4 the Gospel), etc.
  • Missions and Outreaches - Each of our Home Groups supports a missionary and takes part in supporting them with prayer, as well as raising funds for their missionary. When possible, we will organize mission teams to visit their missionary on short-term mission trips (STMs). Not only does GHC have a global presence, we also believe in investing in the very city we call home. We partner with multiple local outreaches to do prison ministry, homeless ministry, support of local churches, inner-city care ministry, and more. Learn more.

If you're new to GHC and would like to learn how to get plugged into our small group opportunities, membership, serving, or the activities mentioned above, then join us at our next Connect Gathering (CG)!

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